Doofinder Plugin

Doofinder is a search engine solution designed to enhance the search functionality of e-commerce websites and other online platforms. By integrating Doofinder, websites can significantly improve the search experience for users, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

nopCommerce Configuration

  1. License Key: Paste your license key here. You can find plugin license key from
  2. Indice:

    Create indices to group data with similar attributes. Add sources to your indices to configure where Doofinder should read the data from.
    You can get Indice from Dashboard > Settings > Indices > Add Indice > Get Indice name

  3. API Key:

    API key is used to authenticate requests to the Doofinder API.
    You can get API key from Account > User > API Keys > New API Key > Copy API Key

  4. Search Zone:

    You can get Search Zone from Search Engines > Domain name > View All > Server

  5. Store ID:

    You can get Store ID from Store Settings > Store ID

  6. Doofinder Script:

    The script is preset, you don't have to change it unless you specifically want to.

  7. Hash ID:

    You can get Hash ID from Search Engine > Domain name > View All > Hash ID